Employee stories: Get to know Recharge - Pet peeves and phobias edition

While working remotely has its perks, it doesn’t always give us the luxury of getting to know our colleagues on a personal level.  I recently asked some of the Recharge team what types of irrational phobias and unusual pet peeves they have. It turns out that among the most common pet peeves is a condition called Misophonia, which WebMD defines as “a strong dislike or hatred of sounds”.  This is most commonly associated with the sound of chewing. Among those sufferers is Ana Curcija, who says she “can barely eat in silence around myself.” Pedro Mariath, Brendhain Reid, Lucy Delgado, Kayla Turpin and Pietro Schaff also share in Ana’s aversion for chewing sounds.  I can only imagine the kind of fiery Pietro feels when he has to listen to his co-workers chomp down the food he cooks for them at every team retreat.

The most common fears among the team are bugs and animals.  Brendhain and Sarah Derry are both terrified of bees. Nick Woelk doesn’t like bugs in general, “unsolicited touching is what freaks me out.”  He also reports wanting to “murder every ant I see.” Zach Hanes has a fear of birds, he says “they’re like pairs of scissors hurling through the air.”  The sight of a cockroach will send Pietro “screaming like a three year old.” Gordon Chandler suffers from arachnophobia, a fear of spiders, which happens to be the most common phobia in the world.  Kaylene Finch says she doesn’t like snakes but she considers this a “very rational phobia” (I’d have to agree with you on that one, Kaylene).

Ben Morrissey and Pedro both suffer from acrophobia, more commonly known as a fear of heights.  Five percent of the population can relate with Pedro and Ben. Pedro reports trying to conquer his fear while at the CS retreat in Chicago, he went to the 94th floor of a skyscraper “just to challenge my fear, but it was the worst thing I have ever done in my entire life!”  At least we don’t have to worry about Pedro leaving Recharge to join the parkour circus.

Amongst the more uncommon, dare I say, weird phobias is Paola Sanchez, who is terrified of roller coasters.  She even broke up with a boyfriend because “he told me that if I really loved him, I would ride a rollercoaster with him.”  She also says the “last people who forced me to ride one are no longer my friends.” Moral of the story – don’t even mention the word rollercoaster to Paola or she’ll cut you out of her life completely.  

Jack Perejuan has an irrational fear of pumpkin soup.  He says this stems from a traumatic childhood experience involving a bet from his mom to eat his soup as fast as he could.  Needless to say, it didn’t turn out well for Jack. Jack is not the only one who has a ‘food phobia’ – Ivan Janković says he has an irrational fear of olives, both black and green varieties make him shutter.

Nail filing is one activity you should steer clear of in the presence of Rob Duder.  His dislike for nail filing goes so deep that “I have to leave the room if someone is filing their nails.  Or if someone on TV is doing it, I have to change the channel or not watch.” When asked how he keeps up on his own personal grooming, he reports only using a nail clipper, adding “my nails aren’t perfectly manicured but I make do.”

Ana Curcija shares in one of my own biggest fears…sharks. She says, “I can barely watch shows or movies or documentaries or anything that is underwater.” Orcas are as equally terrifying to her, “I start getting short of breath and feeling like I’m in the water with them about to attack.” Corey Capetillo (pictured) doesn’t see what the big deal is.

Most of us can relate to at least one of these fears and pet-peeves. (Except Rob Tevlin, he’s a self proclaimed “normie” and reports having no irrational fears or unusual pet-peeves.)

So now that you know some of your colleagues’ deepest fears and biggest pet peeves, why not drop them a line on Slack and strike up a conversation …they won’t bite!