Employee stories: Sustainable, sassy, and free

On this Employee Spotlight we’re featuring Alicia Jessup. In her own words, here is what she had to say about running her side business while working at Recharge.

I’m a crafter by nature. I was the kid who loved arts and crafts time at school and who grew up and fell in love with DIY and handcrafted gifts. My friends and family were treated to the fruits of my labours as I tried out new hobbies and techniques to find the things I’m good at. Turns out painting isn’t one of them! Eventually, friends began encouraging me to sell the things I was making and that encouragement bloomed into an idea that eventually became Sasspot Creations, the business I now get to call my own. 

Originally SassPot Creations started out as knitted goods that I made while watching Netflix, mostly to keep my overactive brain working, or to turn a lazy day into a productive one. I also really love sewing, so I quickly started to introduce sewn goods to the menu. However, I quickly found that the older ladies in the fabric stores looked at me like I didn’t know what I was doing when I went in to buy supplies. 

Enter thrifting. I was once a terrible thrifter. I didn’t like the smell, I wasn’t a fan of banging around the endless racks of hangers, and frankly, I didn’t get why people considered it cool. But my perspective changed as I kept going. I went thrifting with a friend one day who opened up my eyes to the possibilities and the impact fast fashion has on our world (spoiler alert: it’s not great). I quickly changed my mindset. I wanted to be more sustainable in my own life and that meant my business needed to be too. Now I can proudly say that Sasspot runs off of a majority of thrifted fabrics and yarns, and turns the things people tossed into treasures. And it still remains just as sassy as it was from the beginning!

Now my life is all about balance and the freedom to hustle in the way that makes the most sense for me, working remotely for a company that shares my dream and lets me do just that. 

Since I’m never stuck in traffic during a commute I can switch from Recharge to Sasspot in a moment which gives me more time to create and keep churning out products. I rely on popup shops and markets for most of my business, so the fact that I can work from anywhere and have flexibility in my schedule gives me the freedom to be away from home when I need to, which lets me grow and expand my business opportunities. Company retreats are a double whammy for me because traveling to a new place means new thrift stores that I haven’t been in yet! I’ve gotten really creative with repacking my suitcases to fit all the gems I tracked down on Recharge trips so I can get crafty when I’m back home again. 

Recharge gives me the power to side hustle with the security of a full-time gig and the flexibility to do it the way that works for me, which keeps me sustainable, sassy and free 🙂