Scott Meiklejohn

Scott Meiklejohn

Scott, Scotty to his friends (and “damn do I respect him” to his enemies), went to journalism school in the wild land of Canada. He often envisions telling his younger self he’s paid to write, create videos, mix podcasts and collaborate with a creative team of unicorns (the human kind) in some sort of convoluted time travel plot that tackles the themes of fate and free will. Scott used to work as a television producer, then worked at a green bag ecommerce company before finding Recharge. He adores three things: Caffeine, Dungeons and Dragons, The naivety of supporting the The Toronto Maple Leafs... Favourite Recharge merchants he's subscribed to: Detour Coffee, Critical Dice, Vital Proteins

A desktop computer set between a vintage looking movie clapper to symbolize video quality as well as a stage microphone to symbolize audio quality

How to look good on video while remote working

There are many perks to remote working. But looking like a ghost on Zoom while presenting in front of an important client isn’t something you signed up for. So, how can you present yourself professionally on video while working remotely? 

Powerful & profitable playbooks

Powerful & Profitable Subscriptions Playbooks: Cross-Selling & Upselling

Have you checked out our Powerful & Profitable Subscriptions Playbooks? In this post, we’re taking a closer look at our Cross-Selling & Upselling playbook.

Product bundling

Product bundling: Make it a combo

Think about a product bundling scenario you’ve likely encountered frequently. Perhaps something like,

Powerful & Profitable Subscriptions Playbooks: Leveraging The Power of Analytics

We’re diving deep into ecommerce analytics by taking a closer look at our Leveraging The Power of Analytics Playbook. 

A pencil and playbook representing Customizing The Shopping Experience for the Powerful and Profitable Playbooks

Powerful & Profitable Subscriptions Playbooks: Customizing The Shopper Experience

Have you checked out our Powerful & Profitable Subscriptions Playbooks? In this post, we’re taking a closer look at our Customizing The Shopper Experience playbook.

Click and Mortar business represented by a storefront and digital information

Brick and mortar to click and mortar: How brands pivoted in a pandemic

Remember the old normal? Before the new normal of curbside pick up and endlessly scrolling while online shopping. That tactile experience of shopping at a brick and mortar store. You were able to browse the aisles of a physical store, pick up products, and touch fabrics. Chat with entrepreneurs of local businesses you’d become a repeat customer of. 

Building a Brand Community Subscriptions Playbooks

Powerful & Profitable Subscriptions Playbooks: Building a Brand Community

In this preview from our Powerful & Profitable Subscriptions Playbooks, we’re diving into Building a Brand Community. Our playbooks were created by bringing together 12 of the industry’s most successful ecommerce agencies and getting their insights on growth strategies they use with their top clients. Topics range from marketing (social media and advertising), growing brand loyalty, customizing the customer experience, cross-selling and upselling, and more.

Headless Commerce

What is headless commerce architecture?

Headless commerce is a commerce architecture that allows for the separation of your brand's front-end and back-end. A headless commerce architecture allows you to have as much flexibility, complexity and agility as your business requires. Contrast to traditional ecommerce platform builds, like Shopify or BigCommerce, headless allows for maximum customization.

Power of Subscriptions - Powerful Profitable Subscriptions Handbook

Powerful and Profitable Playbooks: The Power of Subscriptions

In this preview, we’re diving into The Power of Subscriptions from our Powerful and Profitable Playbooks series. We worked with 12 of the industry's brightest ecommerce agencies to put these 8 subscription playbooks together.

Box with Sustainability Focused Subscription Brands Products

5 sustainability focused brands using subscriptions

Happy Earth Day!

To celebrate Earth Day we wanted to showcase 5 brands who are leading the sustainability charge and using Recharge to power their subscriptions. 

Seven women-led businesses using subscriptions

To celebrate International Women’s Day and Women's History Month we wanted to showcase seven women-led subscription businesses powered by Recharge. 

What is Lifetime Value (LTV)?

The importance of understanding customer lifetime value (LTV)

What is lifetime value (LTV)? It's the average amount a subscriber spends over the course of their subscription (average revenue per user) before churning (leaving your subscription program).

Five Black-owned businesses using subscriptions

To celebrate Black History Month we wanted to showcase five Black-owned subscription businesses powered by Recharge and the subscription products they offer to their customers.

Six subscription products to kick off 2021

Check back here at the start of every month to see what new brands with Recharge powered subscription products we're featuring!

Product updates (ChargeX 2020)

We're excited to share what the product team has been busy working on since last year at ChargeX 2019. We also reveal what's to come from our product roadmap and updates to our analytics dashboard.

Bundling feature deep dive (ChargeX 2020)

Our Lead Solutions Engineer, Jake Workman, walks you through our bundling documents and shows how you can build a Recharge compatible bundling solution for your client. He also shares some of the scenarios that Recharge supports as well as best practices.

Subscriptions 101: Simple steps for success (ChargeX 2020)

Recharge's Director of Product, Jason Tranel, walks you through 10 tips for running a successful subscription business on the Recharge platform.

Subscriptions 201: The advanced crash course for success (ChargeX 2020)

Recharge Product Managers, Cody De Vos and Jordan Bluhm, give an advanced lesson on how you can leverage the API to elevate your subscription business.

Breaking past 100 – Scaling your client’s store (ChargeX 2020)

Recharge's Partner Manager, Elaine Sloboda, chats with Chelsea Jones and Rachel Saul (Co-Owners of Chelsea & Rachel Co.).

Leveraging Recharge alongside third-party apps (ChargeX 2020)

Recharge's Head of Parternships, Rob Barr, hosts a panel with Aaron Quinn (CEO at eHouse Studio) and Thomas McCutchen (Founder at Scoutside).

Lessons from a top marketing agency (ChargeX 2020)

Recharge COO, Chathri Ali and MuteSix Chief Startegy Officer, Moody Nashawaty, talk candidly about the state of social media marketing at ChargeX 2020.

Data driven decision-making to fuel growth (ChargeX 2020)

Recharge VP of Product Strategy, George Ishii, sits down with Diane Albouy (CTO at Smol) and Amy McDowell (Chief Revenue Officer at MYRO) to discuss how specific data trends have helped and failed them this year with the volatility of 2020.

Q&A with Recharge’s Chathri Ali and ProfitWell CEO & Founder Patrick Campbell

Recharge COO, Chathri Ali, spoke with Patrick Campbell, the founder and CEO of ProfitWell. More than 8,000 subscription companies use ProfitWell to track, understand and optimize billions of dollars in recurring revenue.

Q&A with Recharge’s Chathri Ali and Haus Co-Founder and Co-CEO Helena Hambrecht

Recharge COO, Chathri Ali, spoke with Helena Hambrecht, the co-founder and co-CEO of Haus.

Retention is in the details – Relational vs transactional commerce

The key to any long lasting relationship is good communication. Business relationships, friendships, marriages - you name it. Learning how to properly communicate so that thoughts and feelings are understood and validated is key.

Q&A with Recharge’s Chathri Ali and Hubble Contacts Co-Founder and Co-CEO Jesse Horowitz

Recharge COO, Chathri Ali, spoke with Hubble Contacts Co-Founder and Co-CEO Jesse Horowitz about his recently released book Selling Naked, a revolutionary approach to launching your direct-to-consumer brand online.

Product bundling – make it a combo

“I’ll have a cheeseburger and fries.”

How to hire and onboard remote workers + the tools we use

If you haven’t already, be sure to check out part 1 of our series on remote work. We took an in-depth look at how Recharge embedded a remote-first mindset in our culture and shared several high impact tips for working remotely.

How to thrive as a fully remote company

Five years in, with over 220 team members scattered across multiple continents, Recharge has been fully remote since we first started. What allowed us to be most successful was simply this: We embed a remote-first mindset in our culture. It’s foundational within our company.

Two ways to retain subscribers in any market

Reducing churn and increasing the lifetime value of your customers is of paramount importance at any time but it is especially important during times of turmoil and disruption. While your newsfeed may be filled with unwelcome news related to Covid-19, we’re going to focus on what you can do to maintain your subscriber base.

5 perfect monthly box subscriptions for foodies, home chefs, and bakers

5 insider tips for setting up the perfect subscription business