Sara Heegaard

Sara Heegaard

Sara is a copywriter focused on lifting up Recharge's merchants, partners, and their customers. Before Recharge, her past lives included writing and editing at four different subscription meal kit brands, as well as community management and food and beverage reporting for Wine Spectator. Born and raised in Minnesota, she moved to New York for her undergraduate studies at NYU where she studied literature and creative writing. If she's not writing, editing, eating, or thinking about food, she can usually be found running loops of her local park training for a marathon. Favorite Recharge merchants Sara subscribes to: Cat Person

Considering launching replenishment subscriptions? Here’s what you need to know.

More and more, consumers are leaning on subscription businesses to fulfill key aspects of their daily lives. As we saw in our latest State of Subscription Commerce Report, the subscription industry is growing at an unprecedented rate. Between 2019 and 2020, subscribers grew 90% year-over-year. What’s more, those new customers were also spending more: Across all verticals, we found that average order value (AOV) for subscription box businesses rose an average of 6%.

Gain lifelong customers with these cross-selling tactics

In its best form, cross-selling isn’t purely transactional. Sure, your brand is marketing complementary items or services to your existing customers. And of course, cross-selling is a powerful strategy for increasing revenue, average order value, and lifetime value—particularly for subscription businesses.

Ecommerce Quizzes

The power of personalization: ecommerce quizzes with Octane AI

When talking about the ecommerce experience, we hear it again and again: The fewer the clicks, the better. Why? Fewer clicks means less friction and time spent browsing on the user end—meaning it’s less likely that the customer will bounce, or drop off. Makes sense, right?

The ecommerce unboxing experience represented by an open box.

From onboarding to unboxing: Cat Person’s meticulous customer experience

Jimmy Wu, co-founder and CEO of Cat Person, says it all started with an observation in the pet store. As cat owners themselves, Jimmy and his co-founder, Lambert Wang, realized that cat products were extremely underrepresented on the shelves.

Demystifying Headless Commerce with Nacelle

Demystifying headless commerce and progressive web apps with Nacelle

Headless commerce: It’s a term that gets thrown around all the time when discussing ecommerce, especially when discussing the monumental changes 2020 brought to the landscape. But what exactly does it mean to be headless, and what types of companies can benefit from this commerce architecture?

Ecommerce Customer Expectations with eHouse Studio

Ecommerce customer expectations with eHouse Studio

As the founder and CEO of eHouse Studio, Aaron Quinn has seen the transformation of customer expectations over time from a unique vantage point. The agency, which focuses on creating meaningful ecommerce experiences on Shopify Plus through UX design, strategy, technology, and analytics, recently celebrated 18 years in business.