Margaux Novak

Margaux Novak

LOLA Gives back

LOLA community gives back with recurring donations

How LOLA uses their Recharge subscription to empower members to give back

LOLA came onto the subscription scene fast in 2015 with the announcement of a personalized subscription service shipping period products right to customers’ doors. Game-changer.

Introducing Recharge SMS

Introducing RechargeSMS: Simplify subscription management & increase customer lifetime value

We’re excited to announce that RechargeSMS is here! 

RechargeSMS is a transactional SMS tool that lets your customers manage their subscriptions by text right from their messages app. By leveraging RechargeSMS for your subscription management, you give your customers the flexibility they need and meet them right where they are. The barriers of remembering log-ins to portals or dealing with a flooded email inbox are minimized by incorporating transactional SMS into your overall multi-touchpoint strategy.


RechargeSMS: How OLIPOP is beating subscription fatigue & increasing loyalty through transactional SMS

You may have seen OLIPOP in Whole Foods, or their beautiful, 1970s-nostalgic ads on social media. And maybe you’re already following their rockstar customer advocate and Director of CX, Eli Weiss, who is inspiring marketers and customer experience experts everywhere with his “call it like it is'' approach.