Luke Retterath

Luke Retterath

The Importance of Data

Lifetime Value (LTV), KPIs, and the importance of data in subscription businesses

As the CTO of Smol, Diane Albouy knows her way around a spreadsheet. Smol has eschewed the otherwise easy and straightforward approach to pre-defined subscription deliveries by offering their customers the right amount of product at the right frequency for their individual needs. There is a high level of data analysis and forecasting required to achieve the kind of success and scale that the team at Smol have been able to achieve.

Content Marketing for Subscription Businesses

Content marketing tips for subscription businesses

In an interview with John Roman at Battlbox, we talked about his approach to content marketing and the impact that it has had on their subscription business. If there’s any doubt as to whether or not Battlbox has punched above their weight class when it comes to content marketing, keep in mind that they have a wildly popular series on Netflix.  But it’s not just about a single hit, Battlbox has systematically approached content marketing in a way that has enabled them to grow their subscriber base very cost-effectively.