Guest Post

Guest Post

The pros and cons of social media and influencer marketing campaigns

While content marketing efforts and SEO have long been digital marketing mainstays, social media and influencer marketing have only become staples for ecommerce retailers in approximately the past half-decade. 

Omnichannel strategy

Meet customers where they are with omnichannel marketing

There is no question that ecommerce is booming. Amazon and big-box retailers dominate, but there’s plenty of space for others to make their mark. 

Setting up your website for growth

By Jack Swift, Marketing Manager, Irish Titan

Omnichannel Strategy

Grow your business with a comprehensive omnichannel strategy

This blog post is a guest submission from our friends at BigCommerce.

Cross Selling and Up-selling

The importance of cross-selling & upselling for subscription brands

By Grace Everitt, Creative Director, Tako Agency

How reducing customer churn impacts LTV and CAC

Recently, there's been a lot of talk about LTV and CAC, but there's one more metric that can drive subscription companies truly mad: churn -- and it warrants its own explanation and strategy.

How & why you need to improve LTV:CAC

It’s getting really expensive to acquire new customers. Up till now, inefficient direct-to-consumer (DTC) startups were able to thrive simply relying on first mover advantages & distribution opportunities provided by Facebook & Google.