6 gift subscriptions answers you need before Cyber Monday

Gift subscriptions are some of the best gifts to receive. I mean, who wouldn’t love to receive chocolate truffles in the mail every 30 days?! If you’re not one of those stores that offer gift subscriptions, don’t fret, it’s easier than ever to launch them. To see a good example of gift subscriptions, check out Cheeky Days.
We’ve got a full guide on how to set gift subscriptions up here. But, we thought we’d take it a step further and answer some of the most common questions just in time for Cyber Monday.
1) How does Recharge distinguish the purchaser from the gift recipient?
Pretty simple. The purchaser will input their details for the billing address and then include the gift recipient information for the shipping address.
2) Can the gift recipient update their subscription on their own?
Absolutely! However, it takes a few steps that may not be as obvious to the purchaser. Basically, once the purchaser completes checkout, they’ll receive an email with details on how to manage their subscription. Once the special occasion or holiday rolls around, the purchaser can simply forward the link to the gift recipient. From there, the gift recipient can update their shipping address (for example, if they moved) or even update the products that are included on their subscription. Giving the gift recipient the ability to customize their subscription upfront is key. Learn more about the Customer Portal here.
3) How does the purchaser leave a note for the gift recipient upon checkout?
You can do so by enabling the gift wrap and message box feature created by Shopify. You’ll have to modify your code a bit to set this up. For complete instructions on how to set this up, read Shopify’s guide here.
4) Can I differentiate the first gift order from the next recurring order?
Some stores like to send a welcome card or other items with the first delivery. Your team will have to check the price associated with the order to distinguish between the first delivery from other recurring deliveries. The price of the first gift delivery will have the prepaid total for the gift subscription. The subsequent deliveries will come in as $0 orders.
5) Can a purchaser easily buy multiple gift subscriptions?
The purchaser has two options. First, they can do the obvious by simply going through the checkout multiple times. Or, they could try a hack and just buy one gift subscription and enter the first address you want to ship to. Next, the purchaser can use the “manage subscription” link to go in and add another product to their account and update the shipping address to gift recipient #2 and so on. To see step-by-step instructions, please read this guide.
6) Why does the subscription show “expired” for some gift recipients?
Since gift subscriptions are prepaid, expired refers to how the gift recipient won’t be charged in the future. They’ll still get the remaining $0 orders on all remaining deliveries.