Our mission is to connect and empower the world through payments

What we do

We’re an ecommerce solution empowering merchants to grow and scale their subscription businesses.






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Our story

In 2014, we launched ReCharge to make payments easy for everyone.

Our customers

ReCharge is trusted by the largest subscription brands.

Our leaders

We’re proudly led by some of the brightest minds in ecommerce.

Oisin O'Connor | Co-founder & CEO

Oisin O'Connor

Co-founder & CEO

What is your vision for the company? The ReCharge vision is to create a world where payments are frictionless. We support this vision by connecting and empowering the world through payments.

Chathri Ali | COO

Chathri Ali


What drives operational success at ReCharge? We set quarterly goals for the company and hold each department accountable to those quarterly OKRs. More importantly, we spend time focusing on the 'why' and how we plan to measure success. It's important each team member knows why we're focused on select initiatives and not being distracted by others. Each individual takes ownership towards hitting these goals and can easily recognize where they personally made impact.

Stephanie Lemmerman | CFO

Stephanie Lemmerman


How does forecasting impact how we make business decisions? The forecasting process is designed to help the team strategically invest in the future growth of ReCharge. Through an understanding of data and financial metrics, the process helps inform where we decide to invest in the business, prioritization, and ensuring we are dedicating the right amount of resources to any given initiative.

Mahi Akiona | VP of People Operations

Mahi Akiona

VP of People Operations

What do you love about ReChargers? There are so many reasons to love ReChargers, but what stands out among all is ReChargers are smart and good people who know who they are. Every quirk, eccentricity & youness shines, creating a very special culture that feels good to be a part of.

Ken Apple | VP of Customer Success

Ken Apple

VP of Customer Success

How do you empower the team to support customers? At ReCharge we empower our world wide customer facing teams with the knowledge, capacity, systems and tools to help our merchants succeed. We are here for our customers 24/7 with support options ranging from self guided solutions to fully managed account offerings.

George Ishii | VP of Product Strategy

George Ishii

VP of Product Strategy

What is your long term vision for the product? As we create a world where payments are frictionless, we need to continue our focus on integrations that provide customized solutions for our merchants, expanding our existing product lines, and investing in our core recurring billing solution.

Luke Retterath | VP of Marketing

Luke Retterath

VP of Marketing

How does your team impact ReCharge? The marketing team has two primary focuses: Enable our merchants with timely and relevant resources that will help them grow their business and support our customer-facing teams with the resources they need to be successful.

Oz Ruiz | VP of Engineering

Oz Ruiz

VP of Engineering

What is the most challenging problem your team works on? Charging millions of people for their subscriptions on a rotating schedule is one thing. Doing it reliably, fast, and in a manner flexible enough to support the needs and wants of our many stores is a huge engineering feat.

Samir Said | VP of Growth and Partnerships

Samir Said

VP of Growth and Partnerships

How does sales look like at ReCharge? We focus on being consultants first and foremost. We believe that making our merchants successful, will make us successful, too. This means jumping into the deep end with merchants scoping out solutions, being thought leaders and helping increase their customer lifetime value.

How we work

We’re a fully remote company with over 200 team members across 10 countries.

At ReCharge, we are committed to building a fully remote company while providing our team members an extraordinary work culture. Our diverse teams stay connected with Slack and Zoom while working from their homes, co-working spaces and coffee shops - wherever there is an internet connection! Working remotely enables our team members to take more control, gain autonomy and achieve balance in their lives. Above all, we realize if ReChargers are empowered to pursue their best self at work, they will help change the world.

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Our values

We champion three core values at ReCharge and recognize our team members living those values everyday.

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Drive impact by taking ownership and helping your team achieve their goals. You are accountable to yourself, your peers, our customers, and the mission of the company.

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Simple solutions

Launch the simplest solution possible to drive value to customers and build from there.

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Empathize with your peers and ReCharge customers by communicating clearly, supporting each other, and doing the right thing.

Make a difference with ReCharge

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